Premiere of "Cómo Pudo Ser" by Enrique Nuñez

Watch the premiere of "Como Pudo Ser" written and performed by Enrique Nuñez ! With Pier Lendaro and (me) Marise Jimenez.

1 in 3 women/girls experience violence in their lifetime—that is one too many. It happens in every country and every society. It happens at home, in schools, on the streets, at work, on the internet and in refugee camps. It happens during war, and even in the absence of war. Too often, it is normalized and goes unpunished. It's time...

#EndViolenceAgainstWomen #LeaveNoOneBehind

Click image below for Video:


Autor/Compositor: Enrique Nùñez Editora: Poesìa music, Corp (BMI) Productor musical: Alfredo Aguilar Actores: Marise Jimènez y Pier Lendaro Participaciòn especial, niños: Gabriella y Daniel Nùñez Maquillaje/Peinados: Raquelìn Borrego Coodinador: Jorge Luis Borrego Càmara y ediciòn: Leslie Liste Drone: Danilo Gonzàlez Productor ejecutivo: Enrique Nùñez Director: Rubèn Machado Santana Director de escena: Rubèn Machado Cruz

#premiere #musicvideo #cancion #violenceagainstwomen #women #men #family #violence #music #musica #videoclip #youtube #marisejimenez #enriquenunez

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